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30 May 2017

Having a good website is not just about a great design, but great content - content that is interesting and relevant to the users who visit your site

Most businesses have the standard features: 1. a home page with a glossy store-front to convey professionalism and/or style (geared towards the type of business you are); 2. a product/services page that outlines what you offer (perhaps with a shopping cart and payment gateway if your products/services are available online); the 'who are we' section that describes your business, team members, corporate structure, etc; and 4. the contact page that informs customers/clients/visitors how to contact you. One section sometimes overlooked - but I believe should be a key feature of every effective business website - is the news/blog area.

The purpose of a news/blog area, other than to be informative, is manifold. First, it is a great way to remind visitors that your business is still active and prospering. Second, it is a way to speak directly to your visitors and give a personal touch to your business. Third, it is a means for drawing visitors' attention to certain features of your business, such as a new service you are offering. Fourth, it is a way of providing fresh content and expanding the keywords on your website that will contribute to better search engine ranking.

If you need help developing a media content area, contact Kwozo. We will not only design it, but we can help you with the content.

- Jeremy Northcote, CEO of Kwozo

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